No Apologies ep 292 Probation Revoked

With Darrell Taylor recovering from con crud we recorded No Apologies 292 . The show starts with comic talk as the guys go over Brian Michael Bendis leaving Marvel for DC, Axel Alonso is out as Marvel EIC and CB Cebulski is in , Eddie Berganza sexual harassment story. Christopher Keszycki and Gil Colon love Justice League but it put Daniel White to sleep , Juan Castro and Rafael Sanz tell you how much fun they had with Thor Ragnarok this leads into Starz American Gods and Cate Blanchett In Notes from a Scandal talk , Netflix The Punisher talk , Raf breaks down Scarlett Johansson body in The Island, trailers for The Rock in Rampage and Deadpool 2 , Robert Kirkman Secret History of Comics on AMC the Kirkman vs AMC story. Raf , Gil and Juan talk European commercials this leads into who’s porn prime was Better Jena Jameson in The New Devil in Miss Jones or Jesse Jane in Pirates, how bad is Lisa Bonet at 50 , Jasmine Guy has aged badly, Nikki Minaj Paper cover more love for thick Riri Rihanna. We take a trip down memory lane with talk of Al Green, Tone Loc , Young MC , Gil says fuck Camron and MA$E. Al Franken sexual harassment story SNL , Star Trek Discovery , Bob Ross.
Comics talk Paper Girls , Saga , DC Metal , Batman the Man who Laughs , Uncanny Avengers , Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man, Justice League comic , Detective Comics, Catwoman vs Talia in Tom King Batman how great was Geoff Johns Teen Titans run , Juan reviews Neil Gaiman Norse Mythology, we talk Super classy publishing by Daniel White .
Sugar cookies , bros chat and #life stories with the crew .
Finally CK tells you about the depressing list of celebrities at last week’s con and how much is it worth to take a picture with Tony Danza.

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