No Apologies ep 291 Gil vs CK

With Juan Castro returning from his #life European vacation Join Darrell Taylor , Christopher Keszycki , Gil Colon , Daniel White and Rafael Sanz for our recording of No Apologies 291 Gil vs CK /Chap Stick/ Return of Juan.
We start with a short Thor Ragnarok review by CK then go into the Braniac news on the upcming Krypton show.
We talk The Shazam casting news . Raf and Daniel rip apart Ben Affleck Live by Night film .
Negroes news of the Tyrese breakdown and feud with The Rock.
We go into the Kevin Spacey news that leads 2 hours of bad Raf offensive Kevin Spacey jokes.
Laurence Fishburn secret Marvel film project , New Mutants trailer , Blumhouse flms, Star Wars the Last Jedi, Justice League, Saving Private Ryan, Tom Hanks , The Fugitive ,
Tommy Lee Jones , US Marshals, Wesley Snipes , Blade , Black Panther film , DC Legends Tommorow , CW The Flash , why white people love the 80s film E.T.
Comics talk Mark Waid Captain America 695 , Tom King Batman , Jack Kirby Fantastic 4 , Amazing Spider-Man, Black Panther comic , Image comics Batman devastator. Daniel DC boxes commission and Julian Lytle Legion of Super Hero daily art leads into talk of who are today’s eye catching comic artist.
Talia Al Ghul talk leads into Mia Khalifa, Juliana Vega talk leads into Juan and Raf returns of the bros chat . Star Trek Discovery and the future of the films , Shemare Moore S.W.A.T. pilot.
The murder of Phil Hartman leads into best and longest Saturday Night Live cast members , Gerardo Rico Suave , Bleeding Cool .


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Discount Comic Book Services

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