Preview: Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands

The coming six-issue Black Lightning series is written by Tony Isabella, who with Trevor Von Eden, created the superhero in 1977. The book features art by Clayton Henry.

The book features a younger Jefferson Pierce who has moved back to Cleveland to teach at a high school, and is fighting crime again. Tony Isabella said of the character:

“In this version of Black Lightning, he’s younger than he’s ever been before. We’re not following all of the steps of the previous continuity. He’s not been Black Lightning for a couple of years because he moved back to Cleveland with his father, who was dying, so that they could reconnect with their family. When the series opens, his father has recently passed, Jeff’s getting ready to teach at a high school in Cleveland’s inner city, and he’s just getting ready to come back as Black Lightning.”

Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands #1 is available Wednesday.





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