Nothing’s On ep 263 Strangest Thingy’s

This week Jim and Darrell hold down the fort while Donny’s in the upsidedown. the guy’s talk trailers, some news and of course Emails. plus what we are watching
Kingsman 2, Non spoiler Stranger Things 2, Deathstroke film news, Zachary Levi, Apple tv creating content, IMAX lost money on Inhumans, Ace Ventura reboot, Major League reboot, Gabrielle Union Bad Boys spinoff, Daredevil 3 gets new showrunner, Lethal Weapon 5, Marvel Runaways trailer, more allegations of sexual assault in hollywood, Winchester:The house that ghost built, This is Us, Mr Robot, The Gifted, Greys Anatomy, Supergirl, Kevin saves the world (Probaby), The Mayor, The Brave, Valor, The Good Doctor, Star Trek Discovery, Blindspot, Best of Worst,

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