No Apologies ep 290 Big white

In whitest day , in darky night , no white girl will escape my sight, let those who credit ain’t right beware Gil Colon power Kid Dynomite !
In our second attempt at recording of No Apologies 290 the Gil reconnect with black people episode. Darrell Taylor, Christopher Keszycki , Gil Colon and Rafael Sanz are once again joined by Mr. White power Daniel White. We start of talking the review embargo on The Justice League film , the worries of the films time and it’s 2 directors and will the Zack Snyder affect hurt the box office and reviews on the film . We are then completely derailed by the negros news section of the show when we go into Gabriel Union and Dwayne Wade sex talk as well as a TV spinoff of her Bad Boys 2 character. The Deathstroke movie news with the director of the Raid . How the fuck did Snoop Dogg
Ice -T and Ice Cube cross over to maim stream America. The upcoming Thor movie , Flight of the Concord HBO show .
Raf ask if Gil has to reconnect with black people after being around so many white people last weekend which takes the show into a Gil is so white and Jungle Fever segment. We ask Daniel what it was like when he dated a black girl. We talk how Gil goes to the project like it’s fortress of solitude to recharge his blackness and play some 2Pac and Biggie.
We talk Black-ish.
We go over Darrell appearance on The Comic Book Club Live podcast on Tuesday.
Tales from the bar with Darrell and Raf.
Comic talk the Kamandi challenge, Jack Kirby , Action Comics , DC Metal , Titans , Action Comics, Howard Porter on The Flash, Black Science, Pete Woods on the Justice League comic , Amazing Spider-Man , Steve Stroce and Dave Stewart Maestros.

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