Marvel Ends Partnership With Northrop Grumman

Well, this seems to have ended before it began. Marvel announced via Twitter that it was teaming up with the “global security company” Northrop Grumman. The announcement was NOT met with cheers. Instead, Marvel was met with strong backlash from fans who felt the move was promoting the military-industrial complex to children and was in effect prompting war profiteering.

Marvel released a statement

 “The activation with Northrop Grumman at New York Comic Con was meant to focus on aerospace technology and exploration in a positive way. However, as the spirit of that intent has not come across, we will not be proceeding with this partnership, including this weekend’s event programming. Marvel and Northrop Grumman continue to be committed to elevating, and introducing, STEM to a broad audience.”

Marvel had not commented on extent of the partnership prior to its cancellation beyond saying it featured a promotional all-ages comic that teamed the Avengers with the “Northrop Grumman Elite Nexus,” or N.G.E.N., with the tagline “Start Your N.G.E.N.s,” The book included career recruitment advertisements and a contest to be drawn into an upcoming issue.

According to their site:

Northrop Grumman is a leading global security company providing innovative systems, products and solutions to government and commercial customers worldwide, offering an extraordinary portfolio of capabilities and technologies for applications from undersea to outer space and into cyberspace.

The company sells mostly to the U.S. government, generating more than $20 billion in revenue each year.




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