No Apologies ep 288 The Worst episode ever

With Juan Castro in Spain and Darrell Taylor passed out after watching The Inhumans . Last nights recording of No Apologies was left to the Hateful 3 of Gil Colon , Christopher Keszycki & Rafael Sanz . Titled The Worst episode ever in the 288 episode history of the show . We start with our Rest In Peace to Playboy founder Hugh Hefner . Then we swerved to 90s Image comics like Jerry Ordway Wildstar that’s always followed by Gil going fuck him , Jae Lee 1 issue of Hellshock , Keith Giffen Trench and Larry Stroman Tribe , Pitt . This led to talk of how out of place Jack Kirby art look at Image and his Topps comics line . CK reviews Will and Grace revival which led to us asking what old shows would we bring back . We talked about FOX The Gifted Trailer & Gil admits he will watch The Inhumans . Then we lead into 90s Marvel characters Dan Ketch Ghost Rider , Darkhawk , Sleep Walker , Todd Mcfarlane & Frank Miller Talk.
Thunder cats , Mumra , Robotech , G.I.Joe do they hold up. We go a little off the rails as we do a Hour of Nothings On the series finale of the 90s Melrose Place spinoff Models Inc , Friends , A Different World , Lisa Bonet vs Jasmine Guy , the Doobie Brothers episode of What’s Happening that leads into CK , Gil and Raf awful Michael McDonald impersonations . We go into soft core porn 90s Playboy TV shows Night Calls , Electric Blue , Shannon Tweed , Red Shoes Diaries . How porn on your phone has ruin Cinemax Late night . Talk of Kira Noir and does thick Rihanna breast make coconut water . The Sheldon Chronicles , James Cameron Wonder Woman talk , Kaley Couco , The Runaways on Hulu , Homeboys in outer space , taking a knee .
We get to comics Marvel Legacy , Kamandi Challenge , Batman Metal , more Kite Man in Batman , Scott Snyder All star Batman , Wonder Woman , Action Comics getting ready for the Doomsday clock , Jim Balent Cat Woman in the 90s and Some 90s Lobo talk , Tim Drake in Detective Comics , Batman and The Shadow cross over , Blue Beetle , Steve Stroce and Lazarus by Rucka and Lark .
We talk Pam Anderson show V.I.P and her bad sidekick Natalie Raitano , Son of a Beach , the Family Matters Entertainment weekly reunion pictures .
Gil and Raf rant on NYC Homeless , the train preachers and it’s showtime Dancers .
We go over how many podcast Darrell host in a week we look at Luke FosterMagnum cast and threaten a Jake and the Fatman cast .
By the end even we are bored talking for 2 hours so we start singing George Michaels , WHAM , Culture Club , The Bangles Manic Monday , Cruel summer and Venus by Bananarama .
We shout out Ken Junior and thank him for caring enough to listen and comment .
At the end Gil , Ck and Raf come to the conclusion this is the worst episode ever and we are just trying to get to the annual Gil Colon Loft Party for sugar cookies drinks and pizza with the 11 clock crew David Price ,Jason Wood , Vince B Daniel White and Chris Kipiniak after we hang at NYCC . If you can make it through over 2 hours of our rambling there some good stuff in there we also shout out Hassan Thalji and congrats to his daughter graduation .


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