The highly anticipated Bernie Wrightson Artifact Edition will premiere on October 5th at the 2017 New York Comic-Con, exclusively at IDW Booth #1844. The Special Convention Variant of this essential Artifact Edition features Wrightson’s classic House of Secrets #92 cover. The issue itself contained the very first appearance of Swamp Thing!

This Artifact Edition measures 12 x 17 inches, limited to only 100 copies, will be available for $125. Pre-orders are available now for pick up at the IDW booth during New York Comic Con at:

IDW will be hosting signings of the book at NYCC with Louise Simonson, who modeled for this iconic image. IDW will bring a limited amount of copies beyond our pre-orders to have for sale at the convention.

Additionally, in celebration of Jack Kirby’s 100th birthday, three very limited Jack Kirby Artist’s Edition variants will be available:


1) Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four Variant Artist’s Edition—Featuring Fantastic Four issues #71, 82, 83, 84, and Annual #6 (one of the greatest Kirby FF stories ever, and double-sized to boot), a variant Jack Kirby cover, and an extra bound-in plate unique to this version that is SIGNED and NUMBERED by legendary inker JOE SINNOTT. This Artist’s Edition measures 12 x 17 inches, and is $200.





2) Jack Kirby Forever People Variant Artist’s Edition—Featuring Forever People issues #1, 4, 5, 6, and 7, and a Jack Kirby self-portrait for a variant cover. This Artist’s Edition measures 12 x 17 inches, and is $150.





3) Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four World’s Greatest Variant Artist’s Edition—Featuring Fantastic Four issues #33, 45, 47, and 60, plus more than 20 Kirby FF covers, four fold-outs, and a variant Jack Kirby cover of Fantastic Four #72—arguably the greatest Silver Surfer image of them all! This Artist’s Edition measures a whopping 15 x 22 inches, and is $200.




These books are extremely limited and are ONLY available by PRE-ORDERING (at for pickup at New York Comic-Con.

IMPORTANT: Pre-ordering for these 4 books is only available from now until September 24th.


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