Linda Hamilton Returning for Terminator Film

At a private event celebrating the Terminator franchise, James Cameron announced Linda Hamilton would appear in the new film being made by Skydance and Paramount. Cameron said:

“As meaningful as she was to gender and action stars everywhere back then, it’s going to make a huge statement to have that seasoned warrior that she’s become return.”


“There are 50-year-old, 60-year-old guys out there killing bad guys, but there isn’t an example of that for women.”



Tim Miller will be directing the sequel with Cameron  producing along with Skydance. The coming film will be based on a story crafted by Cameron. Cameron and Miller are treating the new movie as a direct sequel to Cameron’s Judgment Day. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger  is already set to return.

Hamilton and Schwarzenegger starred in the first film, The Terminator, in 1984. Hamilton returned for Cameron’s 1991 sequel, which was a summer blockbuster.

Both Hamilton and Cameron were not involved with the installments that followed in 2003, 2009 and 2015.

Stay tuned, kids…



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