Peridyym Shift Episode 004: The Stranger On The Road

Hex, Mervis, Sister Cordwainer and Sellick, joined by townies Rennick and the oddly crimson-skinned Sebaskareth, have encountered goblins on the northern road, as they’d hoped! But who is the mysterious man that jumped in to help?

Game Scenario based on The Goblin Undertaking, a –based adventure by Larry Roberts

Our players are

Bob Frantz – author of Monty The Dinosaur

Anton Kromoff –Designer, writer:

Jim Dietz — Social Media Strategist at Action Lab Entertainment:

Dean Stahl—Artist/writer Headlock & Headaches

Dennis Black & Asian – co-host to Dork Trek

John Bunger –Artist of Computer animation and illustration & DM of Douglas n Dragons!


Soundtracks provided by Kevin MacLeod’s Incompetech


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