Ignorant Bliss 60: Let’s talk about the Island #15 Dilraj Mann cover with J. A. Micheline, Darryl Ayo Brathwaite, Cheryl Lynn Eaton, Jonathan W. Gray & Ronald Wimberly

So when the last issue of the anthology comic Island was released and people saw the cover by the artist Dilraj Mann of a black woman
rendered all in absolute black with red lipstick and door knocker earrings hit the internet it caused quite a stir. At the time Ronald
Wimberly and I thought it would be worth a conversation. So I gathered some voices from the online debate and some others we knew to have a conversation about his cover, art, editorial practices in comics and voices of black women within the comic industry.

J. A. Micheline: https://twitter.com/elevenafter
Darryl Ayo: https://twitter.com/darrylayo
Cheryl Lynn: http://digitalfemme.com/
Jonathan: https://twitter.com/elmcitytree
Ronald: https://twitter.com/raynardfaux http://d3-14.tumblr.com/

Music in this episode:
You Are Luhhh – Frank Ocean
Rise – Solange
Joy – Leven Kali
Boo You Know – Falcons feat. Goldlink
Guillotine – Buddy
Cool Kids – Kwaye
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