Harley Loves Joker Series Coming

Harley Loves Joker, written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Paul Dini with art by Brett Blevins, J. Bone and Alex Sinclair, has has appeared as a back-up feature in Harley Quinn starting with April’s Issue 17. In the final panel of Harley Quinn#25, DC confirmed the story will be concluded in Harley Loves Joker #1:

Harley Quinn co-writer Palmiotti teased in the latest issue with Syfy Wire:

“Harley and her crew come under the assault from the Unconquerable 25, and by the end of the issue we see them all separated and dealing with the assassins using each of their particular skills. That’s a blast in itself, but the back-up by Paul Dini, Brett Blevins, J. Bone, and Alex Sinclair is simply beautiful to behold. We also get to see some tender moments between the Joker and Harley and a tease of what, in the future, is the thing that divides them. This story will be continued in separate specials coming in 2018.”

The character of Harley Quinn was created by Dini and Bruce Timm.  Harley Loves Joker specials comes as DC celebrates the 25th anniversary of the introduction of Harley Quinn on Batman: The Animated Series. Stay tuned, kids..

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