Bryan Hitch Leaving Justice League

Bryan Hitch hit Twitter to make a big announcement:

“So, tweaks and edits aside. Justice League is done. Thanks for all the support; as always we can’t do it without you “I have a half dozen covers to do for Justice League, Wonder Woman, and The Wild Storm then it’s a full speed nosedive into Hawkman with Jeff Lemire. Going to be fun.”

December 20’s Hawkman Found, is a Dark Nights: Metal tie-in one-shot written by Lemire, drawn by Hitch, and inked by Kevin Nowlan.

Hitch also said:

“That said, I’m prepping and working on stuff for after that which is astonishing and exciting. Such a big canvas and broad scope. Hurrah. My last Justice League story, ‘Legacy,’ starts soon and runs 26-31. Proud of that and the art by Fernando Pasarin is just bloody wonderful. He’s a genius.”

Hitch relaunched Justice League of America in 2015 and then segued to Justice League with Rebirth. The twice-monthly title will see #31 on shelvees October 18.


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