TNT’s Snowpiercer Pilot Adds to Cast

TNT’s pilot Snowpiercer is based on the 2013 film by Bong Joon-ho. The project has now cast Jennifer Connelly in a lead role. She will star opposite Daveed Diggs. Connelly will play Melanie Cavill, a First Class passenger who works as the Voice of the Train. Unlke her fellow passengers who are dismissive of the lower class passengers, Melanie is curiously fascinated by them. Diggs plays Layton Well, a prisoner who becomes a reluctant participant in a struggle that could upend life on the train.

The pilot is being directed by Scott Derrickson. The TNT pilot is set seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland leaving remnants of humanity inhabiting perpetually moving train that circles the globe. The drama explores class warfare, social injustice and the politics of survival.

Stay tuned, kids..





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