Cowboy Bebop Live-Action TV In Development

Tomorrow Studios, a partnership between British production company ITV Studios and TV producer Marty Adelstein, is developing a live-action Cowboy Bebop. The project will be executive produced by Sunset Inc., the studio behind the original anime, with Adelstein, Becky Clements, Matthew Weinberg and Midnight Radio, a banner established by Josh Appelbaum, Andre Nemec, Jeff Pinkner, and Scott Rosenberg. Chris Yost, who started his career writing for comic book-based animated series before his work on Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok, will pen the adaptation.

Adelstein said of the project:

“We are excited to work with Sunrise in bringing this beloved anime to the U.S. and global marketplace as a live-action series. The animated version has long resonated with audiences worldwide, and with the continued, ever growing, popularity of anime, we believe a live action version will have an incredible impact today.”

The Japanese anime aired from 1998 to 2000. The series was set in the year 2071, and followed the bounty hunter crew of the spaceship Bebop — Spike Spiegel, Jet Black, Faye Valentine, Edward Wong and the intelligent Corgi Ein — as they track down criminals.


The series inspired an animated film in 2001 with Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, which was set in the latter portion of the 26-episode anime series.

Stay tuned, kids…

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  1. Thats horrible news, like a live-action Akira. Hopefully the failure of the GITS live-action movie will have made everyone reconsider a live-action Bebop, I think the Akira project stalled anyway.

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