The WGA’s new film and TV contract is approved

In Los Angeles  the board of the WGA West and in New York by the council of the WGA East which now goes to the guilds’ members for final ratification. The deal made that has stopped a potential writers and actors strike is  that the management’s AMPTP calls for across the board increases in guild minimums and tens of millions of dollars in additional employer contributions to the WGA’s ailing health plan. Some of the things worked out is a new pay scale for shorter seasons. To deal with this problem, the guilds won new provisions further expanding protections known as options and exclusivity, and new contract language that established an episodic fee for each 2.4 weeks of work. Any writing beyond that span will now require additional payments for hundreds of writer-producers, whose pay has been in decline in recent years. The new contract also calls for a 15% increase in Pay TV residuals; some $15 million in increases in high-budget SVOD residuals; job protection for parental leave; and, for the first time ever, residuals for comedy-variety writers working on Pay TV shows.

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