Hashtag Comics’ Book Expo Exclusives

After 8 months in development, Hashtag Comics is set to make a splash at Book Expo and BookCon at Javits Center in June with HUGE EXCLUSIVES.

1st: TOY EXCLUSIVES – Pictured above: Hashtag Comics Exclusive Cloud Riders ‘Royalty’ 4″ Vinyl Figures, each one the star of their own book. Book 4 in the series, “Prince Gunda and the Thunder Runners” is set to release in June. Hashtag Comics will also be debuting the official collection of the first 4 books titled “Cloud Riders: Royalty” at the show.

2nd: BOOK EXCLUSIVES – Above: In addition to the Cloud Riders collection, Hashtag Comics will have the full collection of “The Journey Series”, featuring all 6 books of “Tailwands” collected into a gorgeous 320+ page book. With the release of “The Last Stand”, the 6th book in the series, “Tailwands” is set to finish its 4-year run this summer. Luckily, it’s not the last you’ll see of Kaya Bell and her adorable antics, series creator Drew Crowder and series artist Morgan Myers are taking Tailwands to a younger audience and debuting their very first Early Learning book titled “Kaya’s Magical ABCs”. The “Kaya’s Magical…” series will feature several kinds of early learning educational tools for numbers, letters, animals, basic mathematics and more! All taught by Kaya in a playful and magical woodland setting. Myers it set to be the illustrator for the entire series.

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