“Star Wars Rebels” to end next season

Executive producer Dave Filoni made the announcement recently at Star Wars Celebration

“It’s my decision, as the creator of this show with Simon [Kinberg], that Season Four is the final season of ‘Star Wars Rebels,” he told the packed audience. “I know, I know. But I firmly believe that each generation needs to have their own piece of ‘Star Wars,’ and I feel that this show for a lot of kids growing up with it, is very much as much a part of ‘Star Wars’ as any of the movies, and I really appreciate that love for you guys. And I feel creatively that I can make this story about these characters the most meaningful it can be by arcing it to where I can get to the end with this season.”

“So, I now that’s tough. That’s tough for me, but believe me, I can say I know what it’s like when I don’t get to end a series,” he continued, drawing laughter from the audience with his reference to “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” “and what happens when you don’t end a series is that you end up making T-shirts, and you have to prolong it, and it wasn’t as fun. Believe me, this show represents by no means the end of anything we’re doing in animation, of course.”

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