The Fly Remake May Have a Director…

The Fly both scared and grossed us us way back in 1986. David Cronenberg’s film, based on a short story by George Langelaan, starred Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis and was followed by Return of the Fly and Curse of the Fly.

Rumors have been floating around for some time that there would be a remake of the film. Fox is looking at J.D. Dillard to direct the project. Dillard made his directorial feature debut with Sleight that was well received at Sundance last year. The deal for The Fly reboot would include writing the script along with writing partner Alex Theurer.

Currently, Dillard is in pre-production on Sweetheart which he co-wrote with Theurer and Alex Hyner. Stay tuned for more updates….


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