The Titans and Deathstroke to crossover in “The Lazarus Contract” starting in May

DC Comics has announced a new crossover called “The Lazarus Contract” that includes  “Deathstroke,” “Teen Titans,” and “Titans” investigate one of the lingering questions spinning out of DC Rebirth: Slade Wilson’s connection to the former Teen Titans. The four-part event will focus on Deathstroke attempting to resurrect his son Grant, the original Ravager, by hunting Titan member Wally West. With Wally’s connection to the pre-New 52 DC Universe there is potential for larger secrets surrounding his return to be answered. “The Lazarus Contract” will be written by Dan Abnett, Benjamin Percy, and Christopher Priest, with art by Brett Booth, Khoi Pham, Carlo Pagulayan, and Paul Pelletier.



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