Addi Bâ Mamadou  was part of the French Resistance during World War II, who became known to the Germans as “the Black Terrorist” (Der schwarze Terrorist) because of his active role in the Resistance division operating in the Vosges in eastern France. A film is in the works  on Addi Bâ’s life , with Belgian-Congolese actor Marc Zinga starring as the Resistance fighter, and Gabriel Le Bomin directing. French actress Louane Emera and and Alexandra Lamy co-star in the film, playing the women who helped hide Addi Bâ from the Germans.


Addi Bâ arrived in France in 1938 with the family of a colonial tax collector. He enlisted in the French army in 1939 as part of the 12th regiment of Senegalese Tirailleurs – a corps of colonial infantry in the French Army who were initially recruited from Senegal, in West Africa. During the war, Bâ was captured by the Germans, taken prisoner, in November 1943, was tortured for information but wouldn’t comply with their demands, and eventually shot dead a month later.

Sixty years later, on July 13, 2003, Addi Bâ was posthumously awarded the French Resistance Medal. The subject of various literary works that followed (both fiction and non-fiction), Addi Bâ’s name was adopted by streets in Tollaincourt (in northeastern France) and another in Langeais (in central France) in his honor.



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