A glimpse at the Klingons in Star Trek: Discovery

Supposedly leaked by an extra the photo depicts actors in full Klingon makeup and costumes enjoying a break together at Pinewood Toronto Studios.


“Star Trek: Discovery” stars Sonequa Martin-Green as Lt. Commander Rainsford, “Number One” on the USS Discovery; Doug Jones as Lt. Saru; Anthony Rapp as Lt. Stamets; and James Frain as Spock’s father Sarek. They’re joined by Michelle Yeoh as Captain Georgiou of the USS Shenzhou; Shazad Latif as Kol, a Klingon commanding officer; Chris Obi as Klingon leader T’Kuvma; and Mary Chieffo as L’Rell, a battle deck commander on Kol’s ship.

The 13-episode first season will tell one long story that focuses on an event from the franchise’s mythology that’s been mentioned but never explored.

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