Dark Horse Comics: April 2017 Solicitations

abesv9-cvr-4x6-solAbe Sapien Volume 9: Lost Lives and Other Stories TP

  • Mike Mignola (W), Scott Allie (W), John Arcudi (W), Michael Avon Oeming (A), Mark Nelson (A), Kevin Nowlan (A), Alise Gluškova (A), Santiago Caruso (A), Dave Stewart (C), Juan Ferreyra (A/C), Eduardo Ferreyra (A/C), and Sebastián Fiumara (Cover)
  • On sale June 7 • FC, 152 pages • $19.99 • TP, 7” x 10”
  • These six stories trace the history and prehistory of Abe Sapien’s adventures, from his earliest days in the Bureau with Hellboy (as drawn by Kevin Nowlan) through the frog war, featuring an appearance by deceased homunculus Roger, to his current evolved form, when he’s looking back on his life as a man in 1850s England.
  • Collects the Abe Sapien one-shots #8, #15, #23, #27, and #30 and “Abe Sapien: Subconscious” from Dark Horse Presents (volume 3) #11.


The Adventures of Superhero Girl (Expanded Edition) HC

  • Faith Erin Hicks (W/A/Cover) and Cris Peter (C)
  • On sale June 14 • FC, 128 pages • $16.99 • HC, 10” x 7”
  • What if you can leap tall buildings and defeat alien monsters with your bare hands, but you buy your capes at secondhand stores and have a weakness for kittens? Cartoonist Faith Erin Hicks brings charming humor to the trials and tribulations of a young female superhero, battling monsters both supernatural and mundane in an all-too-ordinary world.
  • The expanded edition collects the original comic, two new stories, and new art from creators including Tyler Crook, Ron Chan, Jake Wyatt, Paulina Ganucheau, and more!
  • Foreword by Kurt Busiek!


Aliens: Dead Orbit #1 (of 4)

  • James Stokoe (W/A/Cover) and Geof Darrow (Variant cover)
  • On sale Apr 26 • FC, 32 pages • $3.99 • Miniseries
  • After a horrific accident strikes a space station, an engineering officer must use all available tools—a timer, utility kit, and his wits—to survive an attack from the deadliest creature known to man.
  • Orc Stain creator James Stokoe pens a thrilling and claustrophobic Aliens story: Dead Orbit!
  • On sale on Alien Day: 4/26/17!


Aliens: Defiance #12

  • Brian Wood (W), Stephen Thompson (A), Dan Jackson (C), and Stephanie Hans (Cover)
  • On sale May 31 • FC, 32 pages • $3.99 • Ongoing
  • After her return to Earth, Zula Hendricks fully expects to answer for her defiance. But instead of military tribunals, what she experiences is a chilling look into the future of warfare, courtesy of Weyland-Yutani’s R&D labs. Her mission may not be over just yet.
  • “Defiance . . . has the potential to be the new benchmark. Go get it.”—Hulking Reviewer

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American Gods: Shadows #2

  • Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed story now in comics!
  • Neil Gaiman (W), P. Craig Russell (W/A), Scott Hampton (A/C), Glenn Fabry (Cover), and David Mack (Variant cover)
  • On sale Apr 12 • FC, 32 pages • $3.99 • Ongoing
  • Fresh out of jail, Shadow Moon finds himself recruited as a bodyguard for the enigmatic Mr. Wednesday, only to be interrupted and kidnapped by the dangerous Technical Boy, who wants answers as to Wednesday’s plans.
  • The Hugo, Bram Stoker, Locus, World Fantasy, and Nebula award–winning novel and upcoming Starz television series by Neil Gaiman is adapted as a comic series for the first time!
  • A Starz TV show by Bryan Fuller (NBC’s Hannibal) based on the novel will debut this spring.
  • “The American Gods comic is going to be an astonishing, faithful, and beautiful adaptation.”—Neil Gaiman

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Angel Season 11 #4

  • Corinna Bechko (W), Geraldo Borges (A), Michelle Madsen (C), Scott Fischer (Cover), and Jeff Dekal (Variant cover)
  • On sale Apr 19 • FC, 32 pages • $3.99 • Ongoing
  • Angel is caught facing an unrelenting Illyria of the past, an unrelenting Illyria of the future, and an impending volcanic eruption. For him to save an entire race of demons, satisfy both Illyrias, and get himself and Fred back to the future, he will have to convince at least one of the goddesses to trust someone other than themselves—specifically, him!
  • First-arc finale of Angel Season 11!


The Art of Prey HC

  • Prey returns!
  • On sale June 27 • FC, 184 pages • $39.99 • HC, 9” x 12”
  • A dark force is tormenting Talos I, and survival depends as much on wit as strength. Now, journey alongside Morgan Yu to discover the mysteries within Prey. Arkane Studios and Dark Horse Books are proud to present a comprehensive collection of art from the development of this long-awaited and hotly anticipated game!


The Art of Splatoon HC

  • Nintendo (W/A)
  • On sale June 13 • FC, 320 pages • $39.99 • HC, 8 1/2″ x 12”
  • The Art of Splatoon contains 320 inkredible pages of artwork from Nintendo’s splash-hit video game, including 2D and 3D illustrations of your favorite characters, maps, concept art, weapon and gear design, storyboards, sketches, hand-drawn comics . . . and that’s only an inkling of what’s inside. We’re not squidding around: this is a must-have for all fans of Splatoon!
  • Character illustrations!
  • Concept art!
  • Featuring artwork from Nintendo’s hit game!


Baltimore: The Red Kingdom #3 (of 5)

  • Mike Mignola (W), Christopher Golden (W), Peter Bergting (A), Michelle Madsen (C), and Ben Stenbeck (Cover)
  • On sale Apr 5 • FC, 32 pages • $3.99 • Miniseries
  • Baltimore’s team fight their way into the Vatican as the Red King prepares for his coronation day.
  • “The writing is a good old fashioned slay-em-dead story.”—Comic Attack

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Black Hammer #8

  • Jeff Lemire (W/Variant cover), Dean Ormston (A/Cover), and Dave Stewart (C)
  • On sale Apr 19 • FC, 32 pages • $3.99 • Ongoing
  • There’s something unusual about the sleepy farming community of Rockwood: it’s now the home of Spiral City’s mysteriously vanished superheroes. But not by choice: they were banished to the town after a battle with the Anti-God, and now they’re stuck within its boundaries. Lately, a new arrival in town has started asking questions, and she’s discovering that its superpowered residents aren’t the only strange thing about Rockwood . . .
  • Voted one of the best comics of 2016 by IGN!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 11 #6

  • Christos Gage (W), Rebekah Isaacs (A/Variant cover), Dan Jackson (C), and Steve Morris (Cover)
  • On sale Apr 19 • FC, 32 pages • $3.99 • Ongoing
  • Life in the Safe Zone internment camp is not improving, and Buffy’s status as a peacekeeper has made her a target of the other inmates—but just what are they afraid she might do? Perhaps discover something more sinister going on within the Safe Zone’s impenetrable walls? Stakes are raised in Season 11!

Buffy: The High School Years—Parental Parasite TP

  • Kel McDonald (W), Yishan Li (A), and Scott Fischer (Cover)
  • On sale June 28 • FC, 80 pages • $10.99 • TP, 6” x 9”
  • Buffy struggles to deal with her mom Joyce’s newfound interest in spending time with her. Balancing that with her schoolwork, her friends, and her regular vampire-slaying duties is a challenge. However, when Joyce becomes hypnotized by a childlike demon that craves motherly care, Buffy experiences a new kind of sibling rivalry—except in Buffy’s case, her “sibling” is actually a monster!
  • Writer Kel McDonald (Misfits of Avalon, Sorcery 101, Angel & Faith), and artist Yishan Li return to Buffy!
  • Set during Season 1 of the television series.

Call of Duty: Zombies #4 (of 6)

  • Justin Jordan (W), Jonathan Wayshak (A), Dan Jackson (C), and Simon Bisley (Cover)
  • On sale Apr 19 • FC, 32 pages • $3.99 • Miniseries
  • Waves of zombies just keep coming—first in the Call of Duty®: Zombies games, and now from Dark Horse Comics!
  • Marlton, Misty, Russman, and Stuhlinger think they’ve found a moment’s peace, but the approaching horde of zombies is about to destroy that. Faced with the decision of fight or flight, the crew argues and splits up. When Maxis’s emergency security measures are activated, will it be every man for himself?

Dark Horse Presents #33

  • Ron Randall (W/A), Carla Speed McNeil (W/A), Ryan Browne (W/A), Jim Alexander (W), Shannon Wheeler (W/A/Cover), Paul Levitz (W), Will Pickering (A), Fin Campbell (A), and Tim Hamilton (A)
  • On sale Apr 19 • FC, 48 pages • $4.99 • Ongoing
  • Mercy St. Clair returns to DHP this month with Ron Randall’s Trekker: The Volstock Payoff! Paul Levitz and Tim Hamilton’s Brooklyn Blood concludes! Plus, Ryan Browne contributes the hilarious one-shot There’s a Gorilla on the Cover! Carla Speed McNeil’s Finder, Jim Alexander and Will Pickering’s Savant, and Shannon Wheeler’s Too Much Coffee Man round out this issue.
  • Comics’ premier Anthology!

Dead Inside #5 (of 5)

  • John Arcudi (W), Toni Fejzula (A), André May (C), and Dave Johnson (Cover)
  • On sale Apr 19 • FC, 32 pages • $3.99 • Miniseries
  • What started as a simple murder investigation ended in a prison riot. But it’s not quite over yet—Detective Caruso is betting that if she can get a little closer to the case, she’ll be able to find the missing piece that pulls it all together. But in this case, getting closer means hostage negotiation with an armed convict.
  • “An intriguing set-up to a compelling mystery, well-executed by the consistently great John Arcudi. And with fantastic-looking art to boot!”—John Layman (Chew)

Dept. H #13

  • Matt Kindt (W/A/Cover) and Sharlene Kindt (C)
  • On sale Apr 19 • FC, 28 pages • $3.99 • Ongoing
  • The love of Mia’s life, Alain, is desperately trying to maintain contact with her and the rest of the surviving crew trapped in the Dept. H base. With six miles of ocean between him and the woman he loves, will he be able to help her fight bloodthirsty sea creatures, including psychic jellyfish?
  • “Dept. H by Matt Kindt is my new fave comic, an underwater sci-fi whodunnit from Dark Horse Comics. Total, total genius!”—Mark Millar (Reborn)

The EC Archives: Crime SuspenStories Volume 3 HC

  • Various (W/A)
  • On sale June 14 • FC, 216 pages • $49.99 • HC, 8 3/16” x 11”
  • Jolting tales of criminals, capers, and tension! Collecting issues #13–#18 of Crime SuspenStories from the twisted artistic talents of Al Feldstein, Johnny Craig, Bill Gaines, Jack Kamen, Sid Check, Al Williamson, Fred Peters, Graham Ingels, George Evans, Joe Orlando, and more. Featuring a foreword by David Del Valle.

ElfQuest: The Final Quest Volume 3 TP

  • Wendy Pini (W/A/Cover), Richard Pini (W), and Sonny Strait (C)
  • On sale June 28 • FC, 136 pages • $17.99 • TP, 7” x 10”
  • The late Angrif Djun’s destructive fleet looms closer, seeking to wreak havoc on the elves and any humans that stand in their defense. Rayek, influenced by the dark, dangerous spirit of Winnowill, fights for control of his very nature. And the Wolfriders try to track down their chief, whose own spirit hangs in the balance.
  • Collects issues #13-#18.

Empowered and the Soldier of Love #3 (of 3)

  • Adam Warren (W) and Karla Diaz (A/Cover)
  • On sale Apr 26 • FC, 32 pages • $3.99 • Miniseries
  • As the very fabric of reality itself unravels around them in a frighteningly literal “storm of burning passion,” can a desperate Empowered and Ninjette stop the embittered, disillusioned, and out-of-control Soldier of Love from using her supercharged “magical-girl” powers to eradicate the entire concept of love from their city?
  • 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of Empowered!
  • Story by series creator Adam Warren!
  • Spectacular art by web comic superstar Karla Diaz!

Empowered Volume 10 TP

  • Adam Warren (W/A/Cover)
  • On sale June 21 • b&w, 216 pages • $19.99 • TP, 6 1/2″ x 9”
  • Costumed crimefighter Empowered, delighted by her long-delayed promotion to full-time membership in the Superhomeys, enjoys a suprasocial-media “victory lap.” But will her newfound satisfaction survive the challenges of obnoxious “white knights,” disturbing cryoprison visits, alarming alien medical scans and—worst of all—the revelation of a lover’s dark secret?
  • Over 250,000 copies sold of Empowered volumes!
  • “Adam Warren continues to beat the odds and persists in getting better and better with his spicy superhero romp.”—Johnny Bacardi, Popdose.com

Fate/Zero Volume 5 TP

  • Shinjiro (W/A/Cover)
  • On sale June 14 • b&w, 168 pages • $11.99 • TP, 5 1/8″ x 7 1/4″
  • Two desperate hunts stalk the dark woods that shroud Einzbern Castle, as Lancer and Saber confront the hideous sorcery of Caster, incarnation of the fiendish Gilles de Rais, while Irisviel follows Maiya in search of the master magician Kirei. Is mage killer Kiritsugu risking both his wife and his mistress in a cold-blooded scheme to assassinate Kirei . . . ?

Femina and Fauna: The Art of Camilla d’Errico (Second Edition) HC

  • Back in print!
  • Camilla d’Errico (W/A/Cover)
  • On sale June 28 • FC, 132 pages • $24.99 • HC, 8 1/2″ x 11”
  • Superstar artist Camilla d’Errico’s first Dark Horse art book, now back in print in an improved and updated second edition!
  • This revised volume features a new foreword by the creator of the Tokidoki brand, Simone Legno, a new introduction by d’Errico herself, and a selection of additional art unique to this edition. It’s a must-have for all fans of pop and fine art alike!
  • A new cover, a new introduction by the artist, and new artwork not seen in the first edition!

Frigates of EVE Online: The Cross Sections HC

  • Paul Elsy (W), Charles White (W), and Will Burns (A/Cover)
  • On sale June 6 • FC, 160 pages • $29.99 • HC, 9” x 12”
  • Featuring detailed images of twenty-eight of the most iconic ships in EVE Online, this beautifully illustrated guide offers an unprecedented look into frigates from each faction with intricate cutaways and complex lore. Dark Horse Books is proud to partner with CCP Games to present Frigates of EVE Online: The Cross Sections!
  • Featuring exclusive looks at the ships from EVE Online!

Game of Thrones Melisandre Figure

  • On sale August 16 • 8” figure • $27.99
  • Melisandre is a Red Priestess of Asshai and is possessed of arcane powers and a fatal beauty. She was last seen riding away from Winterfell after the Battle of the Bastards, exiled by Jon Snow. Will she return in Season 7 of HBO’s award-winning adaptation? We think so!
  • This highly detailed 8” figure captures the stern and determined expression of Melisandre.

Game of Thrones Magnetic Bookmark Set #3

  • On sale June 14 • Set of four bookmarks • $6.99
  • Fans following HBO’s Game of Thrones are often referring back to their books, since there are so many characters and plot lines to follow. A great way to keep it all straight is by using these brand new Dark Horse magnetic bookmarks. This third edition features newly selected lush color portraits of four favorite characters in updated costumes.

Game of Thrones 2.25” Magnets

























  • Here is an opportunity for you to enable your customers to truly show allegiance to their favorite Game of Thrones houses. Dark Horse is proud to showcase a collection of twelve individual sigil magnets, measuring 2.25”. Each is produced in full color and bold clarity and packaged individually in a polybag with backing card.
  • On sale Feb 22

The Goon Library Volume 5 HC

  • Eric Powell (W/A/Cover), John Arcudi (W), Patton Oswalt (W), Thomas Lennon (W), Mark Buckingham (A), Guy Davis (A), Bill Morrison (A), and Bill Farmer (C)
  • On sale June 7 • FC, 472 pages • $49.99 • HC, 8” x 12 3/16”
  • What’s left of the Zombie Priest’s race of witches come after the Goon, forcing him to face his nightmares or lose his town! The witch coven believe that control of Goon’s town will soon be in their grasp and his tragic soul will contribute to the curse that increases their power. But has their plot destroyed the Goon or created a monster too savage for them to withstand?
  • This library edition collects The Goon Volumes 13–15 and The Goon Noir.

Halo Library Edition Volume 2 HC

  • Duffy Boudreau (W), Sergio Ariño (P), Douglas Franchin (P/I), Ian Richardson (P), Juan Castro (I), Rob Lean (I), Denis Freitas (I), Carlos Eduardo (I), Michael Atiyeh (C), and Isaac Hannaford (Cover)
  • On sale June 14 • FC, 296 pages • $49.99 • HC, 9” x 12”
  • One of the most popular video game franchises ever receives another deluxe hardcover! In this volume, follow the UNSC Spartans as they attempt to halt Dr. Catherine Halsey and Jul ‘Mdama’s pursuit of the Janus Key—the fate of the entire galaxy depends on them! This volume collects Halo: Escalation #13–#24 and features a cover gallery, annotations, and behind-the-scenes extras!
  • The conclusion of Escalation in a deluxe, oversized hardcover!
  • Features exclusive annotations!
  • Includes a cover gallery and behind-the-scenes extras!

Harrow County #22

  • Cullen Bunn (W) and Tyler Crook (A/Cover)
  • On sale Apr 12 • FC, 32 pages • $3.99 • Ongoing
  • When another magical force starts flexing its power in Harrow County, Emmy is surprised to learn that one of her oldest friends may be turning against her. While Emmy has been focused on dealing with threats from the outside world, perhaps a much bigger problem has been brewing at home.
  • “This is one of the best horror series I’ve ever read. It goes beyond the typical horror stereotypes, and brings a deeper, more sophisticated kind of terror to the audience. This is definitely a series for all horror fans.”—ComicWow!

Hatsune Miku: Acute TP

  • Shiori Asahina (W/A/Cover)
  • On sale June 7 • b&w, 172 pages • $10.99 • TP, 5 1/8” x 7 1/4″
  • Acute, like the three angles of a triangle. Acute, as in the three sharp points. Acute is the tragic relationship between three Vocaloids: Miku, Kaito, and Luka! Once they were all friends making songs—but while Kaito might make a duet with Miku or a duet with Luka, a love song all three of them sing together can only end in sorrow! Based on the song with over 4.4 million combined views on YouTube and Niconico.

Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1954—Ghost Moon #2 (of 2)

  • Mike Mignola (W), Chris Roberson (W), Brian Churilla (A), Dave Stewart (C), and Mike Huddleston (Cover)
  • On sale Apr 12 • FC, 32 pages • $3.99 • Miniseries
  • Hellboy squares off against a pair of Chinese demons while Sue psychically hunts down the source of the supernatural trouble in Hong Kong.

The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars Part One TP

  • The official continuation of The Legend of Korra!
  • Michael Dante DiMartino (W), Irene Koh (A/Cover), Jane Bak (C), Vivian Ng (C), and Heather Campbell (Cover)
  • On sale June 7 • FC, 80 pages • $10.99 • TP, 6” x 9”
  • Relishing their new relationship, Korra and Asami leave the spirit world . . . but find nothing in Republic City but political high jinks and human vs. spirit conflict!
  • A pompous developer plans to turn the new spirit portal into an amusement park, potentially severing an already tumultuous connection with the spirits. What’s more, the triads have realigned and are in a brutal all-out brawl at the city’s borders—where hundreds of evacuees have relocated!
  • Written by series cocreator Michael Dante DiMartino and drawn by Irene Koh (Secret Origins: Batgirl, Afrina and the Glass Coffin), with consultation by Bryan Konietzko, this is the official continuation of The Legend of Korra!

The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts Limited Edition HC

  • Nintendo (W/A)
  • On sale Feb 21 • FC, 424 pages • $79.99 • Ltd. Ed. HC, 9” x 12”
  • Experience the thrill of finding and unsheathing the Master Sword with The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts limited edition. The sword itself is a 3D embossed sculpt with a metallic foil finish and is printed at the size of an actual sword hilt to give the reader the satisfaction of unsheathing the realistic-looking sword from the acetate sleeve sheathe that encases the book. The cover’s background features the Lost Woods in a deep, custom-mixed purple ink with a soft-touch lamination and spot-gloss UV which is framed with metallic foil. The pages are gilded to round out the premium enhancements.
  • 3D embossed Master Sword!
  • Acetate sleeve sheathe!
  • Gilded pages!
  • Metallic finish!
  • Contains over 400 pages of illustrations from the thirty year history of Zelda.

The Life and Times of Martha Washington in the Twenty-First Century (Second Edition) TP

  • Frank Miller (W), Dave Gibbons (A/Cover), and Angus McKie (C)
  • On sale June 7 • FC, 600 pages • $29.99 • TP, 7” x 10”
  • Our story begins in the squalid corridors of a maximum-security housing project, where a young girl will rise from the war-torn streets of Chicago to battle injustice in a world insane with corruption. Her fight will take her far, from the frontlines of the second American Civil War to the cold, unforgiving reaches of space. She will be called a hero, a traitor, and nearly everything in between, but all along the way, her courage, her integrity, and her unwavering commitment to that most valuable of rights—liberty—will inspire a movement that will never surrender.
  • Collecting remastered versions of every Martha Washington, an extensive behind-the-scenes section, an introduction by Frank Miller, and a brand-new cover by Dave Gibbons!

Lobster Johnson: The Pirate’s Ghost #2 (of 3)

  • Mike Mignola (W), John Arcudi (W), and Tonci Zonjic (A/Cover)
  • On sale Apr 26 • FC, 32 pages • $3.99 • Miniseries
  • The Lobster searches for a connection between a missing reporter and the appearance of a ghostly pirate ship.

The Once and Future Queen #2 (of 5)

  • Adam P. Knave (W), D.J. Kirkbride (W), and Nickolas Brokenshire (A/Cover)
  • On sale Apr 12 • FC, 32 pages • $3.99 • Miniseries
  • Battles are fought, weapons are bestowed, and romance begins to blossom! The new queen puts together her own Round Table as Merlin reveals what set the fae war off in the first place, the King in Shadow plots the defeat of humanity, and a devious third party is revealed . . . Are they friend or foe?

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle Extravagonzo HC

  • A New York Times best-selling series!
  • Paul Tobin (W), Tim Lattie (A), Matt J. Rainwater (C), and Ron Chan (Cover)
  • On sale June 14 • FC, 80 pages • $9.99 • HC, 6” x 9”
  • A new, standalone graphic novel by Paul Tobin and Tim Lattie! Zomboss is back, hoping to buy the same factory at the center of Neighborville that his nemesis Crazy Dave is eyeing! Will Crazy Dave and his intelligent plants beat Zomboss and his zombie army to the punch? The Battle Extravagonzo is on!
  • The first Plants vs. Zombies original graphic novel!

Prometheus: Life and Death One-Shot

  • Dan Abnett (W), Brian Albert Thies (A), Rain Beredo (C), David Palumbo (Cover), and Sachin Teng (Variant cover)
  • On sale Apr 26 • FC, 48 pages • $5.99 • One-shot
  • The surviving Colonial Marines on the planet LV-223 face a final battle with an injured and enraged Engineer—and, somewhere out in space, three trapped humans seek to change the course of the Engineer’s ship . . . and possibly the history of humanity!
  • The final installment of the Life and Death saga!

Rebels: These Free and Independent States #2 (of 8)

  • Brian Wood (W), Andrea Mutti (A), Lauren Affe (C), and Matthew Taylor (Cover)
  • On sale Apr 26 • FC, 32 pages • $3.99 • Miniseries
  • Twenty years old and already an experienced shipbuilder, John Abbott divides his time between the construction of the USS Constitution and dabbling in the raucous and sometimes violent political demonstrations happening around him. After he falls in with two abolitionists one night in Boston, things take a tragic turn.
  • From best-selling writer Brian Wood (The Massive, DMZ, Northlanders).
  • “Brian Wood has resurrected an era of American history that will satisfy the history buff and the lover of good comics alike.”—The Latest Pull

RG Veda Book 3 TP

  • CLAMP (W/A/Cover)
  • On sale June 21 • b&w, 656 pages • $24.99 • TP, 5 3/4″ x 8 1/4″
  • RG Veda (pronounced Rig Veda) is based on the classic Indian saga of the same name. The Six Stars have at last reached Zenmi Palace to confront the evil god-king Taishakuten. As the tyrant prepares to kill them, Kujaku reveals the sign given to those who commit the most heinous of sins. Yet greater evil still is held back only by the seal on Ashura, without which the god of destruction will emerge, unstoppable . . . and if Yasha cannot change his destiny, he must face it—in the conclusion to the epic tale!

The Shaolin Cowboy: Who’ll Stop the Reign? #1 (of 4)

  • Geof Darrow (W/A/Cover), Frank Miller (Variant cover), and Dave Stewart (C)
  • On sale Apr 19 • FC, 32 pages • $3.99 • Miniseries
  • Who doesn’t like Surf and Turf? Well, what do you do when Surf and Turf doesn’t like YOU?????????
  • The Eisner Award–losing and winning drawing-room talkfest The Shaolin Cowboy returns and will try to answer those questions as the titular hero of the series finds that his road to hell is paved not with good intentions but old nemeses hell bent on bloody revenge . . . AGAIN!!!!
  • Three-time Eisner Award winner Geof Darrow returns to the series Paste called “mind blowing” and io9 called “100% amazing.”
  • “There’s a lot to like about The Shaolin Cowboy. It’s whacky, over-the-top, and at points laugh-out-loud funny . . . If you don’t enjoy this book, you’re already dead.”—Comic Bastards
  • Frank Miller variant cover!

Slayer: Repentless HC

  • Jon Schnepp (W), Guiu Vilanova (A), Mauricio Wallace (C), and Glenn Fabry (Cover)On sale June 28 • FC, 88 pages • $19.99 • HC, 7” x 10”
  • The ultimate thrash-metal juggernaut, Slayer has laid waste to stages and audiences worldwide for over thirty years, with their latest album, Repentless, furthering their brutal legacy. Based on the savage Repentless videos by BJ McDonnell, this expansion of the video story lines drives deep into the darkest heart of America, a raging road trip down a bloodstained highway, a tale of the doomed, the damned . . . and the repentless! Collects the three-issue miniseries.

Spell on Wheels TP

  • Kate Leth (W), Megan Levens (A), Marissa Louise (C), and Jen Bartel (Cover)
  • On sale June 7 • FC, 136 pages • $14.99 • TP, 7” x 10”
  • Three young witches head out on an East Coast road trip to retrieve their stolen belongings and track down the mysterious thief before he can do any damage to—or with—their possessions. Collects Spell on Wheels #1–#5.
  • Supernatural meets Buffy and The Craft!
  • “A lively book that focuses on the strength of relationships that also promises a fun road trip along the way.”—Multiversity Comics

Too Much Coffee Man Omnibus Plus HC

  • The most complete Too Much Coffee Man collection!
  • Shannon Wheeler (W/A/Cover)
  • On sale June 7 • FC, 600 pages • $29.99 • HC, 8 1/2″ x 11”
  • A deluxe hardcover featuring 32 new color story pages! This 600-page Omnibus Plus edition features five previously published Too Much Coffee Man books, plus an all-new color section! These semiautobiographical, hyperintellectual tales will appeal to both comic book insiders and pop culture fanatics. The most complete Too Much Coffee Man collection!
  • Bonus color Too Much Coffee Man adventures included!
  • Celebrating the work of Shannon Wheeler in a deluxe hardcover!

Tomb Raider Archives Volume 2 HC

  • Various (W/A)
  • On sale June 14 • FC, 480 pages • $39.99 • HC, 8” x 12”
  • In pursuit of adventure—and the world’s rarest treasures—Lara circles the globe . . . and even goes off the edge of the map. Journey along on her most memorable expeditions as she teams up with a treasure hunter from the future, faces off against Egyptian gods in the afterlife, and searches for love.
  • This deluxe oversized hardcover collects issues #16–#24 and #26–#34 of the 1999 Top Cow Tomb Raider series and features the art of superstar artists Adam Hughes, Michael Turner, Andy Park, Randy Green, Tony Daniel, and many more!
  • New writers John Ney Rieber, James Bonny, and Adam Hughes join Dan Jurgens in telling Lara’s story.
  • Introduction by Tomb Raider all-star Randy Green!

Usagi Yojimbo Volume 31: The Hell Screen TP

  • Stan Sakai (W/A/Cover)
  • On sale June 28 • FC, 208 pages • $17.99 • TP, 6” x 9”
  • In this thrilling volume, the rabbit ronin teams up with—and faces off against—a multitude of unexpected characters: destitute bandits, a renegade kappa, and a komori ninja! Then, Inspector Ishida returns to investigate a ghastly painting known only as the Hell Screen! Collects Usagi Yojimbo issues #152–#158. Foreword by Cullen Bunn (Conan, Harrow County)!
  • Contains the three-part story arc “The Secret of the Hell Screen”!
  • 100% new-reader friendly!

The Visitor: How and Why He Stayed #3 (of 5)

  • Mike Mignola (W), Chris Roberson (W), Paul Grist (A/Cover), and Bill Crabtree (C)
  • On sale Apr 26 • FC, 32 pages • $3.99 • Miniseries
  • The resurgence of a dangerous woman believed to have been killed long ago by the BPRD leads the Visitor to a cult’s compound in the Southwest.

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