Forced Conversations ep 9 Clumsy and Random

Forced conversations

The ninth episode of our Star Wars fan podcast. Where two heroic scruffy looking nerf herders discuss a galaxy far, far away using the magic of the Internet.

A very random episode where Colin has gone slightly mad due to sleep deprivation…..

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Featured in this weeks episode:


Happy 86th Birthday to James Earl Jones

Late Changes to Rogue One resulted in one of the movie’s most iconic scenes.
In an intervie with Yahoo, editor John Gilroy says that a big change late in production resulted in one of the movie’s most exciting scenes.

ILM’s John Knoll confirms that the crew of the Hammerhead ships in Rogue One DID escape.

Episode 8 filmed in Bolivia and possible return of a familiar ship?


Star Wars Rebels: Warhead

Episode 8 : where’s the trailer Rant and possible title ideas
(Thanks Warren for the suggestion)

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