Forced Conversations – ep 5: Merry Sithmas

The fifth episode of our Star Wars fan podcast. Where two heroic scruffy looking nerf herders discuss a galaxy far, far away using the magic of the Internet.
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Featured in this weeks episode:
Rogue One – Hera, Ghost, C1-10P
Rogue One – Vader’s castle. Will we see it in Ep8 with Kylo visiting? Story group were setting up future locations. Palpatine decided that Vader should be made to live there.
Saw Gerrera coming to Rebels
Disney allowing character deaths, slightly more graphic. What does this mean for future SW movies?
Jediism not a religion : Uk charity commission ruling
Is this the last time we’ll see Vader in a movie? Would you want a movie about Vader and would you like Hayden Christensen to appear in it?
Listener Questions & Comments
Rey isn’t her real name.. from Matt Scott – Kira?
Favourite character in Rogue One: Daniel Hackett
Ideas for the next standalone film : Tom Wells
Obi wan is Reyes grandfather: Daniel Hackett
Will Rogue one effect the direction of the new Han Solo film? : Tom Wells
Rogue one ultimate visual guide
Doctor Alphra #1
Rogue one novelisation (audible)
SW Holiday special
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