Generation X Coming Spring 2017


generation-x-teaser-1A new Generation X series is being relaunched as part of ResurrXion. The series, written by Christina Strain with art by Amilcar Pinna, will debut in spring 2017. The new team lead by Jubilee consists of Quentin Quire, Eye-Boy, Benjamin Deeds, Nature Girl, Bling!, and a new psychometric mutant named Nathaniel Carver. In an interview with CBR, Strain said of the team:

“Now in Central Park, the rechristened Xavier Institute has taken this move as an opportunity to re-evaluate their students, internally dividing the student body into three classes: The Next Generation of X-Men, the Next Generation of Ambassadors, and the Next Generation of… well, lovable losers. These are our Gen Xers. And they include mutants with benign powers, mutants who are considered liabilities during missions and/or battles, and mutants with personalities ill-fitting of an ambassador. They’re basically all mutants who just don’t seem to fit in anywhere – including the very school where they were promised they would fit in.”


Generation X #1 from Christina Strain and Amilcar Pinna arrives in spring 2017.

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