Gotham by Geeks ep 30 The Batman contest


Welcome to episode 30 of Gotham by Geeks.  Join co-hosts Darrell, Russ, Mike, and Chris  as they discuss the world of Batman comic books. After discussing some of the interesting January solicits we announce our first contest so be sure to listen in and maybe win a Golden Age Omnibus as well as other great collections.

Darrell: Batman 445-447 , Marv Wolfman, Jim Aparo

Mike: Batman 521-522 , Doug Moench, Kelly Jones

The Batman chronicles 3 , Doug Moench, Brian Stelfreeze

Detective comics 808-810 David Lapham, Ramon Bachs

Robin vol 1 issue 1 Chuck Dixon, Tom Lyle

Detective comics vol 1 445-448 Len Wein, Jim Aparo

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batman_445 batman_521 batman_chronicles_vol_1_3 detective_comics_445 detective_comics_808


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