Gotham by Geeks ep 29 “Bat-Murderer!”


Welcome to episode 29 of Gotham by Geeks.  Join co-hosts Darrell, Russ, Mike, and Chris  as they discuss the world of Batman comic books.

In this episode Darrell shares some of his time at this years New York Comic Con along with catching up on some of the recent comics along with some of the batman related news that was announced there.

Darrell- Batman vol 1 #289   David Vern Reed, Mike Grell

Mike- Detective comics 660 Chuck Dixon, Jim Balent

Batman vol 1 #512 Doug Moench, Mike Gustovich


Chris –  Detective comics #444 Len Wein, Jim Aparo


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batman_289 batman_512 detective_comics_444 detective_comics_660

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