Six more actors added to SYFY’S KRYPTON PILOT

Ian McElhinney has been cast as Val-El, who himself is the grandfather of Cuffe’s Seg-El character. Ann Ogbomo is slated to play Primus Alura Zod, mother to Campbell’s character Lyta Zod. Reporting to Alura Zod is cadet Dev-Em, portrayed by Aaron Pierre.  Rasmus Hardiker will play the role of Seg-El’s best friend and business partner Kem. Elliot Cowan will portray Daron Vex, the city of Kandor’s chief magistrate, while Wallis Day has been cast in the role of junior magistrate Nyssa Vex. Vex’s character is Daron Vex’s daughter in the show. Developed by  David S. Goyer, “Krypton” is currently in production, with Goyer serving as producer and Ian Goldberg as writer and executive producer.

Krypton series

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