NYCC2016: Justice League of America roster revealed

Part of the  team members revealed so are  Atom (Ryan Choi), Killer Frost, The Ray, Vixen.

Steve Orlando on Vixen: “She’s a character that demands respect, and has untold potential with her power.” Speaking of The Ray, Orlando said the character has “the hottest jacket every created” and that he’s excited the character, established as gay in “Multiversity,” represents “visibility, light and hope.” Orlando said he wasn’t able to talk much about Killer Frost’s role yet, but readers will see why she’s part of the team.

Justice League of America will spin-out of the upcoming Justice League v Suicide Squad crossover, and starts with four one-shots before launching in February at a twice-monthly schedule.

In January 2017, kicking off JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA (hitting shelves twice monthly starting February 2017) are four DC Rebirth one-shots. They make four bold statements that form the foundation of a team that will bring justice to places that have given up on hope; places that thought heroism would never find them. The Justice League of America goes there! They explore the Microverse, the Hidden Cities, the worlds within worlds; they go to the other side of the map and explode forward with the new face of Heroism.

This is a Justice League that looks like America, that proves Heroism can look like ANYTHING and ANYONE.

From February 1960 to February 2017. The mission hasn’t changed. It’s just evolved.”


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