Gotham by Geeks ep 27 Beware of Killer Croc

Welcome to episode 27 of Gotham by Geeks.  Join co-hosts Darrell, Russ, Mike, and Chris  as they discuss the world of Batman comic books.  In this episode Martin Ferretti from the podcast I am Gotham joins us while Russ goes on an important mission for Batman. The rest of the gang catch up on the most recent Batman and batman family of books:

Batman #7 , All Star Batman #2 , Birds of Prey #2 , Detective comics #939-940 , Nightwing #5 , Red Hood and the outlaws #2  and Trinity #1 before covering our usual picks which are:

Martin- Batman:Legends of the Dark Knight #94 writer/artist :  Michael T Gilbert

Darrell/Mike – Batman Vol 1 358-359   Detective Comics Vol 1 525-526   writers:  Gerry Conway   artists: Don Newton, Dan Jurgens , Curt Swan

Chris- Batman vol 1 #211 writer: Frank Robbins, artist: Irv Novick


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batman_211 batman_legends_of_the_dark_knight_vol_1_94

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