IDW’s Newest ‘It’s Alive!’ Imprint Pushes Forward with Reprints and More

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Following two successful Kickstarter campaigns, and the release of several limited edition art prints, signed by Sam Glanzman, It’s Alive! has hit the ground running with plenty more on the horizon.

Red Range by Joe R. Lansdale & Sam Glanzman, the debut title to be published under the It’s Alive! imprint, raised almost $20K ($5K more than the Kickstarter goal paving the way for the stretch goal of a hardcover), and is currently in production with the addition of new colors. Estudio Haus’ colors are breathing new life into Glanzman’s Red Range pencils and inks, originally completed nearly two decades ago.

Dope by Trina Robbins, which raised over $12K ($2K over the Kickstarter goal, again making the stretch goal of a hardcover possible), concluded its Kickstarter less than a month ago, and will be seeing the light of day in early 2017!

It’s Alive! has also begun to release very limited edition 12 x 17 art prints, signed by Sam Glanzman and embossed with his initials. Having nearly sold out, there will be more prints coming soon from Glanzman and other creators to meet the demand. Available prints can be found HERE. (

It’s Alive! founder Drew Ford said, “I’m incredibly humbled by the intense interest and support for this new imprint, and the reprint collections we will soon release. And speaking of collections, It’s Alive! will be announcing the launch of its third Kickstarter very soon. Want a hint? Two words…atomic sub! Keep your eyes peeled for the big announcement!”

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