No Apologies ep 254 Love and internet hate




Back from vacations and comic cons  we jump right into the fray discussing this years Baltimore comic con , The Harveys, new rules for cosplaying at NYCC2016, Alan Moore retiring again, Kirkman ending Invincible, comic creators and moving to tv/movies, Deathstroke casting, Runaways going to Hulu, Amazon Pilot season 2016, Jean Claud Johnson, music group Tatu, The Tick, Birds of Prey tv show from the 90s, the true origin of Negro Raf, The birth of a nation,  Nate Parker, interracial dating, Leslie Jones, internet hate, Mel Gibson, Mariah Carey, Night hawk cancellation , Ta Nehisa Coates Black Panther, NYCC panels , Christopher Priest, Reggie Hudlin Black Panther, Lethal weapon remake, Watchmen film and more


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