Jimmy Gownley of Amelia Rules! Welcomes Daughter to Cartooning World at Baltimore Comic-Con

Come to the Baltimore Comic-Con from September 2-4, 2016 at the Baltimore Convention Center! Tickets are now on sale!
For years, fans have enjoyed the magnificent work of New York Times Bestselling Cartoonist Jimmy Gownley with Amelia Rules as well as his autobiographical tale The Dumbest Idea Ever, in which Gownley deals not just with the “How” of comics, but “Why” one creates them in the first place.

A new chapter in Gownley comic legacy will unfold at the Baltimore Comic-Con September 2-4, when 12-year old daughter Anna Gownley debuts with her new comic book, SECRETS, LIES, and REVOLUTION, an ambitious take on the classic Les Miserables, as told from the point of view of Gavroche.

Anna has always loved to draw, saying, “Watching my dad make comics made me think it might be fun to try my own, and I was really inspired by reading the manga Les Miserables by SunNeko Lee and Crystal Silvermoon,” adding that her tale originally started as a chapter book, but “…my dad suggested I try it as a comic which I thought was a better idea, since I was already drawing comics anyway.”
Father Jimmy Gownley wrote, drew, and published his comics at an early age as well, selling his first series, the musically inspired Shades of Gray, out of his locker at school. “Anna is much better than I ever was at her age.,” states Gownley. “It would never have occurred to me to suggest one of my kids make comics, but seeing she had a knack for it, I was proud to support her however I could.”

Mr. Gownley was inspired by many of the independent creators of the 80’s and 90’s, especially by greats such as Dave Sim, of Cerebus fame. As for Anna’s inspirations? “My favorite comics are Sunny Side Up by Jenni and Matt Holm, the manga version of Les Miserables,Peanuts by Charles Schulz, and of course Amelia Rules!” (her father’s book).

As Anna enters the comics publishing world, Jimmy is encouraged by the opportunities that lie ahead: “It’s a totally different world from when I started. The Internet and computers in general have made comics so much more accessible as a creative outlet for kids.”
Beyond creating comics, Anna thinks she has what it takes to sell her books. “I thought about selling comics ever since I started randomly making them in my notebooks, and now I finally get to!”
Jimmy is happy to see where Anna’s talents and enthusiasm take her. “I’m really excited to see where Anna’s generation takes this medium in the future. After I’m done with it, of course!”

Jimmy Gownley and Anna Gownley will be a part of the Kids Love Comics Pavilion at the Baltimore Comic-Con. KLC will feature over 30 different kid-friendly comics creators, as well as workshops and classes for young creators and comic fans. Along with an amazing list of all-ages comics guests, The Kids Love Comics Pavilion, sponsored by The School for Good and Evil series, is part of Baltimore Comic-Con’s commitment to a family-friendly comic-con experience.

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