Ignorant Bliss ep 45: David Brothers x Ron Wimberly SDCC Spotlight on Ronald Wimberly Panel

I was at San Diego comic con and there while getting to meet people I haven’t known before I got to see old friends. A good thing while there is that I got get a couple of panels recorded. The first one of these is the Spotlight on Ronald Wimberly panel moderated by David Brothers. Both are the homies and been guests on this show. Check out the programing information below.

“For the past 14 years, Ronald Wimberly has been telling stories that pair his world view with his strong storytelling instincts, resulting in works like the Eisner Award-nominated Lighten Up and The Prince of Cats, his collaborations with brands like Nike and Mishka, and even designing for animation like Black Dynamite. Wimberly will share his perspective on designing stories, agitprop and the politics of aesthetics, culture and appropriation, the importance of iconoclasm and why he suspects he’ll never work for Marvel or DC again. Moderated by David Brothers.”

Links: http://iamdavidbrothers.com/ http://tumblr.iamdavidbrothers.com/ @hermanos | Twitter https://www.instagram.com/davidbrothers/

https://imagecomics.com/features/theiword https://imagecomics.com/comics/series/image-plus

http://ronaldwimberly.com/ @raynardfaux | Twitter @ronaldwimberly | Instagram http://d3-14.tumblr.com

Prince of Cats Image Comics page | https://imagecomics.com/comics/releases/prince-of-cats-hc

Music in this episode: You Are Luhhh – Frank Ocean Hot Boys (remix) instrumental – Missy Elliot featuring Nas, Eve, & Q-Tip prod. Timbaland Groovy Tony/Eddie Kane (feat. Jadakiss) – Schoolboy Q

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