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Sausage Party has been a huge passionate project of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg for the last 10 years and it’s pretty shocking that it actually exists. The idea of being able to watch food swear on the big screen is a good time. The trailer shows you exactly what you are gonna get and you get all of it and a bit more. It’s slightly embarrassing to admit to the world that you may like this juvenile film, but the laugh ratio is pretty high. I was chuckling a lot of the time and there was many moments of belly laughs.

The cast here is packed to the brim with A list comedic actors that are on the top of the world right now. It includes Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Edward Norton, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Salma Hayek, James Franco, Craig Robinson, Paul Rudd, etc. That is a long list of names that audiences adore and in my book, if you drop Paul Rudd you always get a little soft spot from me. The cast brings their all to the delivery of some of the most embarrassingly juvenile jokes throughout, it’s almost as if they brought a 13-year-old boys notebook stories to life. But even though the jokes are juvenile, most of the delivery works very well with Michael Cera being the highlight with thee best line in the entire film.

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The story of the film is about a little old sausage named Frank and his girlfriend Brenda  and a bunch of their buddies including Barry, Carl, Sammy, Lavash and Teresa. And how when they get picked up from the store they go to the Great Beyond. It’s a fun little premise that turns into a deeper look into religion and atheism and what to believe and what not to believe. Someone who was walking into a ridiculous movie like this, I wasn’t really expecting that type of backdrop to be there. But it’s surprisingly deep and effective. I didn’t think after I got out of the theater from a film titled Sausage Party that I would be questioning religion.

But to talk about the humor in this film, which is what you’d actually go see it for, it’s pretty damn funny. Even though many jokes settle on the, “hey it’s gonna be really funny if a bunch of food repeats the word “fuck” over and over again”. Sometimes the use of the word worked and sometimes it made me roll my eyes because they didn’t use it to the spice up the dish, they just used it as the main entrée. But either way you spin the sausage, whether you roast the top or bottom against the fire it was a fairly laugh worthy movie with some extremely solid animation. Many of the highlights were the sad, demented ways you watch food be brutally murdered and spoiler alert the 5 minute food orgy scene that was so unsettling that you will just laugh just to make it seem like you don’t feel as uncomfortable  as the person sitting next to you.

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The film is only 89 minutes which is the maximum amount of time a film like this should be. It’s a good time, but how long are you really expected to watch a premised this screwed up, the end point should have come maybe a bit sooner. I may have the feeling just because the film was a bit sloppily paced. Some scenes fly by, while others linger there like the smell of garbage. The pacing was really inconsistent which doesn’t make the film feel as tight as it should be compared to many other animated movies like the recent Inside Out and such movies as Toy Story. But that’s not to say it is not a great time at the movies. It may have too many dick jokes, vagina jokes, douche jokes, and low brow humor. But it is a damn well good time with some very clever writing even if in between the clever stuff it is just a bunch of food yelling “fuck” over and over again.

This is a solid recommendation because this movie will make you laugh for just about the entire running time of the movie. I give Sausage Party a 8 out of 10. It’s a good movie, it’s a premise that everyone secretly has wanted to see and now it exists. Is it perfect? No. Will it win the Oscar for best animated feature film? I honestly have no idea because The Good Dinosaur was nominated last year and this movie is miles ahead of that boring tired mess. But definitely go see Sausage Party because it is a blast to watch and studios need to know that audiences like these weird little movies. It’s nice to see something so different against all of the big budget superhero flicks and such.


8 Out of 10




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