Kevin Bartram Reviews: Suicide Squad

Written By Kevin Bartram

Suicide Squad has so much potential that it can’t handle itself that it has turned out to be a disappointing mess of a movie. With a first 20 minutes that was annoyingly stashed with constant popular pop songs from the last few decades. It feels like an annoying movie trailer, which may have something to do with the fact that a movie trailer company actually edited the film. Trailer companies can’t edit narratives, they can make bits and pieces of films look cool but they never make coherent storytelling. This film has so many problems that I just couldn’t ignore, which for a large portion of the movie I found myself being rather bored even though there was so much action on-screen.


First off the cast of this film has a lot of big names like Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, and Viola Davis. The four of these are easily the best part of this film even though Viola Davis’s character suffers from talking in a lot of exposition heavy monologues that have you groaning throughout rather than being interested. Will Smith is definitely the strongest part of the film and Will uses his charisma to benefit the movie. He feels like a real character rather than just a random killing machine. He benefits from actual character development and back story even if the whole father, daughter relationship is shoved down the viewer’s throat a little too often. Margot Robbie gives a really fun and pretty faithful performance for Harley Quinn but it’s hard not to notice the sophomoric writing on play here with many of her one liners and jokes missing the beat It’s almost as if her playing Harley Quinn deserves so much better than this movie. It would be nice to see her return.

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Jared Leto’s joker was a big worry for many fans and I really can’t say whether I liked him or didn’t. When he was there I wasn’t have a particularly bad time. His performance wasn’t bad or impressive, because he never really had a moment where he shined and you really felt he embodied the joker. Jai Courtney was fine, but his actual character was shockingly kind of simple. He wore a large jacket and tossed around a 7 year old’s favorite toy, a boomerang. He had some smirk worthy scene’s but nothing really to get too excited for. Killer Croc always came off a little silly, he had randomly placed lines that felt worryingly out-of-place. But I found myself laughing at the fact that Killer Croc just stands around and says nothing important during conversations. El Diablo said some really stupid one liners that were supposed to come off intimidating and “badass” but instead fell flat like a kite with no wind.

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The movie’s plot was a disaster with a villain that I couldn’t care less about and when the villain Enchantress wasn’t on screen it was her alter ego June Moone. And not to be mean to Cara Delevingne but her performance in this movie was stilted and sloppy. She didn’t make me care about her, she seemed like she cared more about her eyebrows rather than actually acting in the film. I have to give her some credit the makeup she had to have done for Enchantress must have put a lot of wear and tear on her and she just seemed like she didn’t really seem to care all that much. Enchantress was miscast but looked impressive and the makeup must have taken at least a week to finally wash it all off. Another thing is the lazy filmmaking where instead of showing us or letting us figure out a character for ourselves they have a character just spout out a small monologue about who they are and where they came from. That is literally how the character Katana was introduced.

To bring another large problem to the forefront is the never-ending pop song hell this film is drenched in. There are times where this movie doesn’t even bother to fade out the previous pop song before just dropping another one in louder than the last. It was like they stole my Ipod from my room, and told the editor to fit as many songs on this Ipod into the movie not even bothering to have them connect to the film at all. None of these songs ever feel connected to any part of the movie. It always seems like they assumed their movie was nonsensical nonsense and so they wanted to give you something to listen to why you watched it. It seemed like they were trying to recreate the Guardians Of The Galaxy type of soundtrack but they never realized that the reason it makes sense in Guardians is because it is Star Lord’s music. In this movie it just so happened to be that the editor was listening to music while editing and thought it would sound good in the background of this scene.

The sad thing about this movie is I really wanted to like it. It opened with a shot of Will Smith, which means it had a fairly strong opening. Will Smith is one of the most likeable men in Hollywood, but then it quickly spirals into sloppy editing and random music choices. It is such a let down that they messed up again. Batman V Superman this year was also a large garbage bag of disgusting ingredients. The good news about this flick is that I strongly believe that it is a step up from Batman V Superman and I had a lot better of a time watching this. There was a lot more humor in this movie even if it didn’t always stick the landing. Will Smith really makes the film actually worth seeing because it’s nice to see him back being really sly, snarky and charismatic. He keeps this film a float and Margot Robbie does a great job with what she’s given and gives me hope for a standalone Harley Quinn film.

Even with a director like David Ayer, DC still managed to make a sub par flick. With such a fantastic director and a such a star-studded cast, all of the pieces were put in place. But it’s fairly obvious that the studio put their hands all over the project with Jared Leto voicing in interviews that they cut so much of the joker stuff out it’s uncanny. Joker was something I was really interested in seeing how he was going to be portrayed. But if the actor who portrayed him tells me that they took most of all of the footage out then I gotta take his word for it and take it as his character wasn’t given a solid chance on-screen for me to judge him as either good or bad. I respect Jared Leto, he has always given great performances and this is a shame so much was taken out. It’s a bummer that this movie fell so flat but DC has to step up their game. I give Suicide Squad a 4.5 out of 10. A disappointing film, it falls flat but it still has a bit of fun to be have even if it is riding the line of being a total mess.


4.5 Out of 10

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