Frank Cho is returning to creator-owned comics in the book SKYBOURNE from Boom! studios

Skybourne mashes up Arthurian lore with Biblical legend as the three immortal offspring of Lazarus fight over the fabled sword Excalibur with a villainous Merlin in this five issue story set to debut September 7.  It’s a story of an immortal who’s looking for a mystical weapon that can end his long life.

Lazarus after his miraculous resurrection fathered three children – three immortal children, Abraham, Thomas, and Grace. Besides longevity, each were blessed with super strength, impenetrable skin and invincibility. The main story revolves around Thomas Skybourne and Grace Skybourne.

They both work for an ancient company, The Mountain Top Foundation, funded by the Vatican. It’s a secret organization that capture or destroy magical beasts and artifacts to protect the world and the Catholic dogma that magic doesn’t exist. Thomas and Grace are essentially secret monster and relic hunters.


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