American Horror Story Season 6: Poster, Set Images and Theme Theories

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 8.21.06 AMSo, all my AHS fans. We have gotten some REALLY cryptic teasers that basically tell us nothing. Now, TMZ has shared alleged set photos. They may point to the missing Roanoke Colony. Two key clues. One – the tree. carved with the word CROATOAN.  The Roanoke Colony was a 590 North Carolina colony where 117 people vanished. the only clue was a carving on a nearby tree done by a local tribe that said….. CROATOAN. Croatoan was the name given to an island on the outer banks of North Carolina. The group was originally led to the settlement by governor John White. White left the colony to return to England for supplies. The Anglo-Spanish War caused a major delay in his return. When he finally did return, he  found the colonists had disappeared leaving no trace – except for the bones of one colonists and the word “Croatoan” carved into the fort’s gatepost. Roanoke was then dubbed as “The Lost City” and has been the basis of many ghost stories.

It was mentioned before that the seasons would somehow link together. Back in season one of AHS, the story of a group of over 100 colonists who mysteriously vanished without a trace was something mentioned by psychic Billie Dean Howard (Sarah Paulson). Coincidence? I think not. Check out all the images. credit: TMZ 

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We also get this awesomely creepy poster:


American Horror Story season 6 premieres Sept. 14 on FX.

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