Jake Ellis Project Gets a Director

josh mondDeadline is reporting 20th Century Fox’s movie adaptation of Nathan Edmonson and Tonci Zonjic’s  graphic novel Who Is Jake Ellis? has found it’s director. Josh Mond, who wrote and directed the 2015 Sundance Film Festival film James White, is on board to help the project. Deadline’s description of the  film adaptation is as follows:

“This pic will center on Silas, who has his life turned upside down when the voice in his head, Jake Ellis, turns out to be a secret human-experimentation operation. Silas must learn to listen to the voice to save himself, but also to figure out how he became involved in this mission and how to get the voice out.”

The adaptation, titled simply Jake Ellis is reportedly currently seeking a screenwriter.  Image Comics’ 2011 Who is Jake Ellis?  was released as a five-issue miniseries with a  five-issue sequel, titled Where is Jake Ellis?, following in 2012. No word on when the film is scheduled to hit theaters. Stay tuned, kids.

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