Young Dahmer Cast

ross_lynchGuess what, kids? The role of young Jeffrey Dahmer has been cast. And who will be playing the role? None other than Teen Beach Movie actor Ross Lynch. The adaptation of Derf Backderf’s 1970s-set graphic novel My Friend Dahmer will be directed Marc Meyers.  Backderf’s comic tells a  coming-of-age story about Dahmer, as he struggles with his family life and desire to kill. Jeffery Dahmer is notorious for raping and murdering 17 men and boys. He was murdered in prison by a fellow inmate in 1994. The coming film is scheduled to begin shooting in August. The film is being produced by Adam Goldworm and Aperture Entertainment with Meyers, Jody Girgenti of Ibid Filmworks, Milan Chakraborty of Attic Light Films and Michael Merlob. No word on a release date…. yet. Stay tuned, kids…


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