Review: Action Comics #958

Action ComicsReview by Clark Kent

Writer Dan Jurgens

Artist Patrick Zircher


action comicsThis title is living up to its name, Action. The fight is on between Doomsday, Superman, and Lex Luthor The Man of Steel. All the while the mysterious Mr. Oz looks on from his control room. Oh and did I mention there is Clark Kent in the crowd? Confused yet? Well so is everyone. This book lays down one mystery after another. The two Supermen can’t seem to contain or subdue Doomsday. This is all being televised and back on the farm Lois and young Jonathan are watching it all unfold. Lois while trying to stay strong for her son obviously appears worried. In a very strange sequence while this fight is going on, Jimmy is questioning Clark on just who in the heck is he. Clark says “I know what you’re saying but I did what I had to Jim. I did it to survive.” This battle is not going well for the two Superman and Lois turns off the set, Jonathan says “If you won’t let me watch, I’ll go there I can help!” Jimmy still thinking that Clark is his Superman pleads with him to join the fight and Clark replies “I told you, that’s not me. It was never me!” Book ends with Doomsday looking like he is going to crush Luthors head while Mr. Oz looks on and says “Think Kal-El What will you do next? Only then can I make my move.”

There was a lot of Action in this book, no doubt about it, but there was also a lot of information that when the story is finally told we will look back and go “Oh, that’s what he meant by that.” Or “Why did I not see that before?” This is story telling at its finest; however, with that being said it was almost two busy, it was a quick read but it really requires a second or third read to fully digest all this book had to offer, So for story and I am just rating this book, not the story as a whole, I give it 7.5 out of 10. Too many mysteries at once. The art on this book, let’s say the twice monthly shipping is taking its toll, while I loved Zirchers work in 957 this one had a lot of pages that looked rushed. On the plus side there were many homages to the original Fight with Doomsday in the 90’s with iconic scenes not quiet the exact shot but almost like from a different angle, if you have read the original Death of Superman I am sure you recognized these. For that alone the Art gets a 7 out of 10, take out the throwback scenes it maybe gets a 6. What are your thoughts on the job Jurgens is doing right now, I am curious to hear what you have to say.

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