Review: The Conjuring 2

Written By Kevin Bartram

The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2 is an utter delight. To start this off, I’m not a horror fanatic by any means and most horror movies make me nip at my nails till I piss myself and pass out. But I for one thoroughly enjoyed the original Conjuring from 2013. What impressed me so much about it was how the Warrens were actually interesting characters to watch in their personal lives as well as when they were doing their MK1_4255.dngghostbuster-type antics. They were miles ahead of a cliché horror movie protagonist like most movie goers are used to. They made reasonable decisions and were actually such fun and believable people. They had a sense of wit to them and the characters carried over to the sequel wonderfully. The sequel takes place in the year 1977 and Ed and Lorraine Warren are brought to London, England to help out a small household ran by a single mother who goes by the name of Peggy Hodgson. The first hour of the film is intelligently used to develop the english family into characters that we can get behind and sympathize with before all of the shit rains from the ceiling. That first hour also adds even more to the Warrens than we already knew from the first film to make us enjoy them even more.

This is a horror sequel that is shockingly great, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into dropping into the seat of the theater gripping my bucket of popcorn praying that no spirits from hell would snatch it from me . I wasn’t sure if this film would be a half assed horror sequel like everyone is used to, possibly a so blatantly awful that it’s a funny type film, or a genuinely great horror film with character depth and memorable moments galore. James Wan has such craft when it comes to building a scene of intense worry and fear. He knows where to place the right beats so it can slowly turn someone who’s sane into a fearful muskrat. But what is so amazing is that he makes every horrific situation similar but different by using different beats. The music tempo is similar but with a slightly slower or quicker pace it messes up the viewer’s expectations. He’ll also approach each scare with a set time frame with the pay off moment being at a  specific number of seconds but then for the next one switching up the time the scare happens so the viewer can’t count. It can be looked at similarly by a schmuck in a casino counting cards, James Wan takes every precaution he can to make it theoretically impossible for that schmuck to get away with counting cards.

To continue about all of the good in this film, the acting in this film is engaging, and extremely well done. This is one of those films where if the acting starts falling in quality the film goes with it. The actors have to sell it to the viewer that there is in fact a spirit or a ghost on-screen. If they don’t believe it, then how are we expected to

believe it. The main little girl in the film Madison Wolfe does a fantastic job and I guarantee she has more work for her in the future to come. This is an extremely solid film, possibly even an inch better than the first. To bring up any negatives is something that I really find hard to do for this movie. There is no possible way to trash it or anything. The only slight negative I can say is that a lot of the horror elements used are stereotypical items in a horror film. For example a kids toy truck moving on its own and stuff like that, but James Wan breathes new life into these tropes therefore creating an engaging creepy ass movie that had me rolling in bed the night after I watched it. I was afraid to peek into the darkness, the movie did it’s job by making me go mad. A great film and if I were to put a number to the title, The Conjuring 2 gets a 9 out of 10. Definitely a recommendation if you haven’t already seen it, and a must see for horror fans. Walking into the theater I was wondering, possibly doubting if Mr. Furious 7 could go back to his horror roots or if all of the testosterone action made him a horror softy. But I can safely say he’s better than ever.

9 out of 10

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