Review: Action #957

By G. Clark Kent

Action Comics #957Action Comics #957

Writer Dan Jurgens

Artist Patrick Zircher

Colorist Tomeu Morey

Letterer Rob Leigh

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So first thing’s first, no the number was not a typo. This is Action #957 and the pursuit for `1000 begins here. As part of the Rebirth strategy of bringing back the characters “legacy” DC opted to take their two longest running titles Action and Detective and restore them to their original numbering. Personally I like this idea but why just these two titles? Why not others that made sense like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc?

Superman is dead. “A city so majestic and grand as Metropolis cannot go unprotected. Metropolis will be safe under my protection” These words of encouragement come from one person……..Lex Luthor? As soon as Clark hears this on television he knows the time of hiding in shadows is over. Dawning a semi traditional blue suit Clark once again takes to the sky as Superman to stop Luthor’s charade as a hero?

This was a very good book. We see a little bit of Clark as a father and a husband. We see a showdown between Superman and Lex in a power suit, We see Clark Kent in the crowd? But wait, isn’t Clark Kent Superman? And we see the Pre FlashPoint Doomsday who looks none to happy being inside the iconic green jump suit.

Dan Jurgens has not missed a beat writing Superman, this had a very “nineties” Superman feel, and that is not a bad thing, Remember when Superman came out 4 times a month and was one long continuous story with the triangle numbers to help guide you? While this does not have the triangle numbers, it did feel like the Superman at its height of popularity. If you’re not familiar with Patrick Zirchers art it is simple stunning, He is one of those artist that I will pick up no matter what title it is. If you were a fan pre 52 of the Man of Steel or ever wanted to read Superman, this is the book for you. I give this issue 9 out of 10.

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