Listen Up: The Fireman

So, Joe Hill writes a new book…..


25816688His latest book The Fireman hit shelves on May 17 and is already looking to be a best seller. Being a fan, I had pre-ordered the audio and was happy to get my ‘reminder’ that my new book was available. The book is read by Kate Mulgrew and runs for 22 hours and 27 minutes. Mulgrew also narrated Hill’s NOS4A2: A Novel and was a cast member of the audio dramatization of Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’ graphic series Locke & Key. I happy plugged in my ear buds and tuned out the world. I always hear non-audio folks comment they ‘don’t have time‘ to listen to a book.


It’s generally someone’s dickish, passive-aggressive commentary because I am a stay at home mom so NATURALLY my life is all lounging and free time. Those four kids just fucking take care of themselves, right? But, I digress. If you do any of the following, you CAN listen to an audio book:

  • commute (either driving or mass transit)
  • do housework
  • fold laundry
  • buy groceries

I could go on and on. you get the fucking point. You indeed have time. Audio books make all the shitty daily life thing you have to do more tolerable. For me, I can do all the shit I need to do – including supervising short people – and keep my brain engaged.

Back to The Fireman….The story centers around school nurse Harper Grayson who is volunteering at a local hospital in the midst of an epidemic. “Dragonscale” has been infecting people starting with patterns on their skin and ending with spontaneously combustion. After the hospital burns down, Harper discovers that she, too is infected – and pregnant. Harper’s husband is unhappy and goes full-blown homicidal. Turns out, her husband is a total tool. While Harper is dealing with her own personal shit storm, humanity is doing its thing and freaking the fuck out. From there, the story kicks into overdrive. Hill’s apocalypse story is a nice deviation from the current zombie trend – and I am saying that as a HUGE zombie fan. Yup, SPOILER – no zombies. There is a whole lot of other cool shit I won’t tell you…. you will have to read it yourself.

Mulgrew once again is an excellent narrator. Joe Hill has written a unique horror book and it’s a winner. The Firemen is well worth the 22 hours – and might make your commute a little more tolerable. Give it a listen. If you think you can trust a rookie…

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