Ewan McGregor Joins Cast of Season 3 of Fargo

Ewan McGregorFX’s series Fargo has added Ewan McGregor to it’s third season. The actor, the first to be cast for the coming season,  will play two roles – starring two brothers – Emmit and Ray Stussy. The characters are:

“Emmit Stussy is the Parking Lot King of Minnesota. A handsome, self-made, real estate mogul and family man, he sees himself as an American success story. His slightly younger brother, on the other hand, is more of a cautionary tale. Balding and pot-bellied, Ray is the kind of guy who peaked in high school. Now a parole officer, he has a huge chip on his shoulder about the hand he’s been dealt, and he blames Emmit for his misfortunes.”

Fargo, created by Noah Hawley, is executive produced by Hawley, Joel & Ethan Coen, Warren Littlefield and John Cameron. The third season will reportedly be set closer to the present day with connections to the previous installments. Stay tuned, kids..

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