Dwayne Johnson kicks off the Robert Ludlum Cinematic Universe with “The Janson Directive”

James Vanderbilt will adapt “The Janson Directive” from a story co-written by Akiva Goldsman, who’s also overseeing Paramount Pictures’ plans for interconnected “Transformers” and Hasbro universes. Also in the works is  “The Parsifal Mosaic,” “The Sigma Protocol” and “Covert One,” but the new deal between Universal and Captivate Entertainment will bring them together under one umbrella. With an  agreement to allow for “crossover points” in the individual films.

“The Janson Directive” is about  Paul Janson, an ex-Navy SEAL and covert U.S. operative turned top private-security consultant who’s framed for the murder of a Nobel laureate. To solve the mystery, and clear his name, Janson must join forces with the protege sent to kill him.



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