New Book And Imprint From IDW/Yoe: “Inks, Drinks, and Catfinks!” and Yoe Brow

San Diego, CA (April 29th, 2016) – Inks, Drinks, and Catfinks: The Custom Cartoon Art of Shawn Dickinson is a special book in many ways. It is a stunning, large-format, deluxe art book. It is a profusely illustrated monograph of cult-favorite artist Shawn Dickinson and it is the first book of a brand-spanking-new imprint of IDW’s: Yoe Brow.

“Actually Shawn’s book comes through whatcould be called an imprint of an imprint,” saysCraig Yoe. “We have been excited about pushing the perimeters of Yoe Books/IDW and Shawn’s fun-filled, bad-ass, often good-naturedly sexy art is the perfect way to start to do this. Our new line called Yoe Brow will publish coffee table art books of contemporary alternative artists. Shawn is the ideal guy to jumpstart the program since his rock/punk/surf/hot rod stylings are so informed by comics and cartoonists so it’s a perfecto fit. You can see Max Fleischer, R. Crumb, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, Mad’s Jack Davis, Rick Griffin, and John Kricfalusi in Shawn’s amazing work!”

In fact, the Ren and Stimpy and Miley Cyrus animator John Kricfalusi is a fan of Dickinson and opines, “Shawn is a cartoonist after my own heart…he blends (his art) all together with his own unique style and rich technique. Best of all, it’s funny! I’m a big fan. Better hide it from your folks!”

Shawn Dickinson is stoked about Inks, Drinks and Catfinks!: “Hooooly sh*t the book looks great! So slick and deluxe! Yoe Books is my all-time favorite publisher long before any of this happened, so it’s a dream come true to have my own book by their brand new division. I couldn’t be happier!”

And Yoe Books/IDW…er, Yoe Brow/IDW couldn’t be happier to showcase Shawn’s art for Fender Guitars, punk bands, and the surf and hot rod culture through this very first book in the new line and to get this new arty party started!

Inks, Drinks, and Catfinks is now available in stores and online!

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