Netflix Increase Coming to Existing Customers

We all knew it was coming…. and now the time is here. In May 2014, Netflix raised the price of its standard streaming plan for new subscribers, to $9.99 a month. HOWEVER, existing customers were grandfathered into their current rates of $7.99 a month for a two-stream, HD plan. The good times end in May, kids. If you , like me, were one of the existing customers you will have to shell out an extra $2 starting in May. I know…. some people are going to be just so MAD!!


Relax. Just a little reality check:

  • Netflix is an average 9 cents per hour spent streaming videos,
  • Traditional pay TV package averages 30 cents per hour of viewing Netflix’s new monthly rate is still cheaper than a
  • Hulu subscription is $11.99 a month (commercial free)
  • Amazon Prime subscription is $99 annually = $8.25 per month but must be paid in a lump sum

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