Arts and Crap ep 23 The shorts episode!

The shorts episode! No, we’re not talking summer fashions,we’re talking short films!
Darrell and Chris discuss the 2016 Academy Award Nominated Animated and Live Action Shorts (it was originally supposed to be just the animated shorts, but SOMEONE doesn’t read his e-mail correctly and watched the wrong damn thing . . . )!
The Animated shorts included Pixar’s Sanjay’s Super Team, the Russian buddy-astronaut short We Can’t Live Without Cosmos, the Chiliean film Bear Story, World of Tomorrow by Don Hertzfeldt, and Prologue which includes . . . well, I don’t want to spoil it. Live action shorts were the comedy Ave Maria, the war story Day One, the family drama Everything Will Be Okay, war through the eyes of a child in Shok, and the romance Stutterer.
Did you see any? Did our picks win? Listen and find out!

Which were our favorites

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